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Since 1996 Everlasting Monuments has been in the memorial business serving Arizona families with personal service and quality workmanship. We offer a large selection of cemetery monuments and headstones in a wide variety of colors, prices and styles. From custom design to installation, we offer professional care and expertise. We also offer custom engraving services. We serve all cemeteries in the Show Low area of Arizona and the Phoenix/Mesa Valley.

"I have never done this before....where do I begin?"  

This is often the first thing our clients say when they come to us. The best place to begin is to start asking questions. Here are a few:

Can you give me an idea how this process works?

Certainly! When you come into our office (or call because of distance) we will discuss the different style options, size, color of granite and give you a quote right then. We will also discuss the location of the cemetery where the monument will be placed and give you a quote for the installation and concrete foundation that is usually required to go under each monument. Once you are comfortable with the price, style, size, and color, we will proceed to the design process.

We have many pre-designed options for you to choose from, or we will build a custom design. The price is the same with either option. We will sketch your design and then fax it to our computer designer. Many times it is just a few minutes until you receive your designed sketch proportionate to the style and size of monument you chose. Once you see what the design would look like, we can go back and forth to make necessary changes until you are completely satisfied. We then check again for accurate spelling and dates, sign the sketch, the contract, including payment for at least half of the total, and then the order is complete. A simple design may only take a few minutes, but generally we suggest you set aside 1 -2 hours if you choose to go from the beginning to placing the actual order.

Do I need to make an appointment, or can I just come in?

No appointment is necessary; however, if you would like, you are certainly welcome to do so. Either way, we will give you the time and attention you deserve in making the decisions needed in honoring your loved one.

How soon after the funeral should I purchase the memorial?

You have no real time constraints. Many local cemeteries suggest waiting about a year, but for some it is uncomfortable to wait that long. You should purchase a memorial when you are ready. Keep in mind if you are trying to have a monument installed by a certain day (such as Memorial Day, a birthdate, anniversary date, or for a family reunion) you will need to have a monument ordered 2-4 months prior. Try not to let anyone rush you, and take your time. You will not feel any pressure from us. We are here to assist you on your time frame. This is perhaps one of the longest-lasting purchases you will ever make. We will take you through the process step-by-step..... at your pace.

How long does it take once I order a monument?

From the time we actually place the order you can count on it taking 3 - 4 months. When the monument is finished, we will contact you and invite you to come see it before installation. At that time, we will ask if there are any family requests at the time of installation, and schedule the monument installation.

Do I have to pay the total upfront? Can I spread out my payments?

We require at least half of the total at the time we order the monument. We don't have any type of finance plan; however, because it takes 3 - 4 months for a monument to be completed, you are welcome to spread out the balance due at your discretion. We will install a monument when the balance is paid in full.

Does the cemetery in which the monument will be placed have rules or restrictions concerning the style and size options?

Yes. Most cemeteries have specific regulations regarding the style, size and shape of memorials they'll allow. Some restrictions vary within the same cemetery. We don't expect you to know all these details, or to know the exact location of the grave. We work with the various cemeteries so you don't have to know details or make arrangements.  Most cemeteries require concrete or granite foundations. Our foundations are gray, foundation-grade granite. They are a great value for our clients and hold up under all types of weather conditions.  The cost of the foundation is included in the installation setting fee.

Will the memorial be for one person, or should a second person at a future date be considered?

Family situations are generally a deciding factor. A married couple, especially, would be prime candidates for a companion memorial. It is more reasonable to purchase a larger single piece for two names than two smaller individual monuments. This often makes choosing the right monument an easier decision. It is extremely common to place both names and known dates on a monument, and then later add a final date.

What is the process for adding a final date?

Someone in the family contacts us, fills out a simple form, and pays for the on-site inscription. We do not make it a practice of removing a previously installed monument. We take great care to be sure the fonts, style and size match perfectly. We will make contact when the service has been completed.

What is the range of pricing for a granite monument?

We never want to sell you a monument that you cannot afford. You won't find us to be high pressure sales people. We want you to comfortably go through the process at your own pace and within your budget limitations. Many of our clients are surprised at the affordability of our monuments. For instance, a gray granite, flat monument(12" x 12" x 4") is under $300. That includes the engraving of names, dates, and some artwork! Of course our prices vary according to style, size, color, and extra items; such as matching granite vases, photos etc. 

Tell me about adding vases and how can I attach a photo to a monument?

There are several options available for displaying flowers at a grave site. Ask us about your options and prices. You can also attach a metal or porcelain photo to a granite monument. These photos are high-quality and have a lifetime guarantee.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept check, money order, and credit/debit cards- Visa, MasterCard

If you have questions we didn't answer, please email us or call.

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